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  • 브렌뉴데이**SEDUCE ME TONIGHT **

    Livin' on the edge, flyin' down the hill
    To where the good girls don't, but the bad girls will, bad girls will~

    Do I know your name, you can tell me lies~~~
    Show me all the secrets hidden in your thighs, in your thighs~~Seduce me tonight, se-~se~-seduce me tonight~~~**

    I'll play acts at the stage, dim the lights, and baby ~~seduce me tonight~~~**

    • **I wanna be your slave, set me in scene
      Take me all the places that I've never been, never been~~

      Play the leading role, ***love me till I cry~***~~^^*~
      Let the curtain fall and love me till~ I die~, till I die~~
      Seduce me tonight,~ se-~~se-~~seduce me tonight~~뚜뚜뜨르르~~~***baby.. seduce me tonight~~~^^** 14년 10월 18일 11:55

      답글을 쓰면 상대에게 알림이 갑니다.
  • 브렌뉴데이**Seduce Me Tonight **~ ~se se - seduce me tonight~~love me till i cry~** ㅎㅎ 아한가사다~baby...오늘저녁날 유혹해줘요~~**( flash dance 영화삽입곡 인걸루안다 ~곡 가사 가수 ..모두짱!!**
  • 희동dd

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