Eumir Deodato(유미르 데오다토)
Eumir Deodato(유미르 데오다토) 주소복사
출생 : 1943년 6월 21일 / 브라질
활동 유형 : 솔로 (남자)
활동 : 1964년 ~
데뷔 : 1964년

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  • Maru라틴 째즈계의 이단아 데오다토..
    그는 늘 실험적인 음악을 한다.....
    그의 음악은 현재도 진행형이다.......
    궁금하신분은 deodato2 앨범을 들어보아라..
  • 허허Eumir Deodato (full name Eumir Deodato de Almeida, 22 June 1943, Rio de Janeiro) is a Grammy Award winning Brazilian musician, record producer and arranger, primarily based in the jazz realm but who historically has been known for eclectic melding of big band and combo jazz with varied elements of rock/pop, R&B/funk, Brazilian/Latin, and symphonic or orchestral music.
    • Mainly, his records can be categorized as pop/jazz or crossover jazz. His successes as an original artist (keyboards) occurred mainly in the 1970s. Since then, he has produced more than 500 albums for acts ranging from Kool and the Gang to Bjork and k.d. lang. His daughter, Kennya Deodato, is married to American actor Stephen Baldwin. 09년 10월 15일 23:16

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